Lobbyists in the Motoring Industry

December 1st, 2014

If you are a big car manufacturer, and it boils down to lobbying, it is in your best interest to search for knowledgeable lobbyists. Many big car makers in the motoring industry hire former politicians and former high ranking government officials that served in the countries they are lobbying in to become their lobbyists.

Car manufacturers are open to this move since they know that the people hired are well aware of the way major carmaker players act and know their way in corridors of power. Lobbying in the motoring industry has seen millions of pounds spewed every year by vehicle manufacturers for the purpose of lobbying.

A big chunk of the lobbying money gets spent on paying now retired public servants huge salaries awarded to them routinely by the private sector to woe people in powerful positions to their corner. The major concern being; this revolving door practice where the power traders move from government agencies and fill positions with companies which during their tenure in the government they helped regulate.

Lobbyists are smart creatures that rely on a combination of strategies pushing their influence. They conduct a lot of research and have a sit down with law makers on a one on one, or if not they deliver the message they have in writing and some go to the extent of calling up current government administration on phone to influence their decisions.

Again, winning and dinning by lawmakers has always been a part of lobbying, however, this is an action that happens less often than it used to some years back as people are afraid of being forced out of their positions and being taken to court if they are found guilty of influencing certain decisions.

Lobbying Efforts

Lobbying efforts are aimed actively at a policy or a bill that is pending. Motoring industry lobbyists have changed their lobbying from when they used to push for cheaper fuel standardization to lobbying for the eco-friendly use of vehicles on roads.

The carmakers of today are constantly pushing for plenty of innovations such as; alternative fuel use, battery-powered cars, hybrids etc. The modern day car manufacturer lobbyists are laying emphasis of consumer support for such technologies and in turn government officials communicate the messages to the people.

The grisly 2008 global economic meltdown saw almost all car manufacturing companies post extremely big losses and even giant carmakers filing for bankruptcy just a year ago.

This means that many car manufacturers now accept fuel economic mandates and stricter business environment that would have been fought back by lobbyists in the olden days when these companies were in constant profit zones.

Due to the need to save the environment, many car manufacturing companies are coming up with vehicles that are much more friendlier to the environment and are instead paying their lobbyists to push for acceptance of their modified vehicles and sophisticated gadgets into the market as it is more than evident that the old era of vehicles is now overtaken as everyone is trying to embrace technology.




Biggest Car Lobbyists

October 20th, 2014

Car Lobbying by Everything Motoring

It is believed that in the past nine months various players in the auto business have been spending lots of money in lobbying the government. This is in the aim of having various legislation changed or introduced to give them a better platform on which to run their business. Car lobbyists in the past nine months are believed to have spent over $50 million. Further to this, individuals known to be close to the dealers also made campaign donations believed to be over $15 million. The DVLNI have not published or confirmed any figures for car lobbyists in Northern Ireland.

National auto dealers association

This is one of the biggest car lobbyists within the US. In the year 2012, the auto dealer spent over $3.2 million in the election cycle. This is believed to have been a push to block the right to repair legislation and the estate tax bill which the dealer argues could have immerse effect on small businesses and family owned dealerships.

General motors

This has been and still is one of the biggest lobbyists. In 2008 and 2009, the company is believed to have spent $13.4 and $8.7 respectively. This is over and above the fact that the company is known to have its stakes with one big politician and has the politician’s wife in its top management at with undisclosed salary. The politician also owns a stake in the company in form of stocks.

Ford motor company

The ford motor company is also among the top spenders in lobbying the government. The company is on record as having spent $ 7.3 million in 2009. This was done in funding for campaigns and having lawmakers support a number of legislation that would safeguard their business interests.

Alliance of automobile manufacturers

This is a group made which is made up of a number of car manufacturers. The group has also been on the forefront lobbying various lawmakers to have their business interests catered for. In the year 2009, the company is believed to have spent $5.7 million given to various lawmakers.


The recipients of the car lobbyists’ amounts are mainly retired civil servants and lawmakers. They normally request for audience with the target individual. This can be through one on one meeting, through writing or through a third party. In such a meeting, they set forward their agenda and as well make an agreement on how much will be given in return. In this way, they gain protection and are able to stay in business. These lobbyists have helped a lot in pushing for the laws that are helpful in shaping the motor industry. You can great motoring news on everythingmotoring.com as well as find vehicles for sale including trucks, used cars, used vans and much much more. You can find a list of the make and models here or visit other popular parts of the website like the UTV Drive page.